Sunday, June 05, 2011

How to Outsource Your Business Failures

There are a few clues as to why business in the United States is in the condition that it is in. There are Savings & Loan people in jail, and a bunch more that ought to be. And then there are the crooks in training. I was looking at Freelancer which is a very interesting concept. Businesses post jobs and freelancers then bid. I clicked on "ghostwriters" and lo and behold there is an advert for someone looking for a writer to write a 150 page PhD dissertation on "Management Ethics" for a $550. No other comment is needed.

There were also ads for "300 articles needed ASAP" - imagine my disappointment when the word "an" 300 times was not sufficient. For those of you who are bemoaning the death of the book - rest assured; when they are shoveling articles up into the internet 300 at a time for a 100 bucks, people will not be turning to the internet much for reading. As a matter of fact, I think in ten years the only ones using the internet will be bulk content providers, spammers, and SEO gurus.
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