Thursday, June 09, 2011

World Newspaper Map

A picture from the top of the Geoman Press at ...Image via WikipediaI used to teach English 101 and a big component of my classes were international newspapers. We would select international papers to follow and link to them on a blog or a wiki to use it as a central resource for the class. We would have loved to have had the Newspaper Map. This is a world map with links to hundreds of newspapers sorted by languages. It also links to translations.

Resources like this are important because teaching Eng. 101 out of a reader is a way to make sure that all of your students are discussing topics that were relevant 5 to 10 years ago! Creating a "reader" out of living resources ensures that your students are writing original papers on current topics.
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  1. Thx for mentioning!

    It's so great to hear of all good ideas coming out of this project!

    Nice brainstorming!


    Great Name/Newspaper Map