Saturday, August 09, 2008

Edupunk is Dead: Long Live Ednuwave

Who are you trying to kid? The era is over. Edupunk is fine but the insurance liability of the moshpit (workshop) got pretty stiff. And it got repetitious, the same old vomit into your keyboard and swing at the dean. And after the violence of the SoHo edupunk riots in the late 70s, I began to feel, as wikipedia puts it a certain sense of the experimental, a lyricism that I wasn't finding in my Sex Pistols approach to education technology. Those boots were killing my feet. I want the edgy creativity of the Talking Heads, the soulfulness and hair of Flock of Seagulls, and the emotional intelligence of the B-52s. The EdNuWave is hair! I mean HERE! If you are interested, on e-Bay, I am offering the early Ednuwave proto-techno hit "Do the Rubric" by Dapf Zingbat and the Pedagogues (from before they broke off on their own and became the Boomtown Pedagogues). The other side of the 7"features the ballad "Norming Session." The New Pedagogues are performing at the Emerald Queen in Sept with only one original member, Nick Stiffy.