Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DE 101: Preparing students for online learning

Geoff Cain (College of the Redwoods)
Barry Tucker (College of the Redwoods)
Description: College of the Redwoods offers its students "DE 101" a free, two-week, fully online seminar on how to take an online class and be a successful online student. In this seminar, students learn about Sakai and how to use other online tools such as MyCR email and TurnItIn.com. The course covers the tools in Sakai as well as the skills required to be a successful online student. Topics covered include an over-view of the typical tools used in an online Sakai course but also cover, time management, online collaboration skills, solving technology problems, identity theft prevention and other topics of concern to online learners. The Distance Education department has completed 9 sections of this course. We have found that having this kind of training available before the student takes an online course (or concurrently) helps student completion and retention in online learning. This presentation will review the course and discuss the decisions that went into the creating the content.

Geoff Cain: Geoff Cain is the Director of Distance Education at College of the Redwoods where he leads the instructional design and faculty training team as well as facilitating the online orientations for students.

Barry Tucker: Barry Tucker is the Student Development Advisor for Distance Education and Veterans students. He is also the co-facilitator of ?DE 101,? the free online orientation to distance learning for students. After serving eight years in United States Navy he moved to Humboldt County in 1985 where he attended College of the Redwoods before transferring to Humboldt State University where he received his single subjects teaching credential in Social Sciences in 1993. Barry is currently working on his master?s degree in Academic Advising at Kansas State University.

Daniel Fiore, our multimedia instructional designer also presented.

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