Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teaching and Learning: Teaching Nurse Educause2008: Anesthesia in a Second Life Operating Room Simulation

Wednesday, October 29 3:50 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.
Teaching and Learning: Teaching Nurse Anesthesia in a Second Life
Operating Room Simulation
Room W230CD

* David M. Antonacci, Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies, The
University of Kansas Medical Center
* Stephanie Gerald, Educational Technologist, The University of Kansas
Medical Center

An operating room simulation was developed in Second Life to teach KUMC
Nurse Anesthesia students basic operating room procedures. This
presentation will describe the design, development, usability testing, and
outcomes of this simulation. It will also examine how to adapt our
simulation method to teach procedural content in your courses.

David first started in Second Life in 2004. They are on KUMC Isle.
They began with simple projects:
* Scavenger hunts
* Student poster sessions
* JayHawk Community Living Center
* Virtual Home Assessments

Their goal was to add interaction to courses. Their trajectory was startlingly similar to ours, but why shouldn't it be? They are also a nursing college. Why Second Life?
* low cost
* rapid development
* secure space

Problems of Solutions
* Buying, modifying, or building objects
* Level of realism and functionality
* Visual cues
* Life sized objects too small for Second Life
* Feed back to the user
* Performance evaluation
* How do we assess it?
* Things that the students do are captured automatically and emailed to the teacher

Five Objects
* Main controller - records what avatar clicked on
* Primary objects
* Secondary
* Tertiary objects
* Backgrounds - photographs of real objects pasted into SL

Demonstration in Second Life
Objects email instructor the exact sequence of events that the students selected in setting up the anasthesia.

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