Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its Eduriffic!

To be an effective blogucator, each sentence you write must coin or use a neologism. If what you are trying to communicate seems unclear to the uninitiated, ransack the inherent neologuistic confabulator, that rich stew of Greek and Latin that simmers away in the mind of the scholars, for just the right matrix of insinuation and suggestion. Speaking protoparaphrastically in every sentence can be difficult at first but gets easier with every education paper you read. Just replimeme a bit of Descartes and Kant, add a splogin of Lewis Carrol and you are merrily on your way.  Edubloggers can combine words at random and immeasurably enrich the language like describing a new WidgetWare2000 program as "ednutechnotainment." Blogucation requires a new blogagogy that will require a new blogabulary.

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