Saturday, October 04, 2008


The iJury Revolution
Being in the middle of jury duty, I have had a lot of time to sit in the waiting room and think about the experience and I have come up with a web 2.0 solution to the jury problem that I think readers of this blog would be interested in. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next latest, greatest web 2.0 innovation and REVOLUTION in the United States criminal justice system.

What is the problem?
American citizens do not serve on juries. It is their civic duty yet 2/3rds of them do not serve on juries (about the same amount that don't vote either). It is a misdemeanor crime but we do not have the resources to enforce this law. The court system is over-burdened. Those who do come in for jury duty are put on multiple trials and are kept in waiting rooms between being assigned to trials. The jurors are then in terrible moods and this can't be good for defendants! Also, jurors are only paid ten dollars a day. Most Americans wouldn't sell their vote for twice that much (okay, maybe twice that but there had better be beer involved).

The iJury Solution
iJury will lobby to have a thousand dollar fine attached to missing jury duty. We will also lobby to have the pay be raised to $20 a day. All of that may seem harsh to modern Americans, but we will also allow you to chose to have a proxy for $20 dollars a day and all of that will be paid by the govt. Why lose a couple hundred a day at work when for $20 your time is your own? iJury will represent you in court with a virtual representative from one of your international call centers.

How iJury Works
Each of our iJury associates will have gone through the curriculum of a 7th grade civics class and have a rudimentary understanding of the U.S. constitution. They will also be encourage to watch old episodes of Perry Mason, LA Law, and Ironsides. You will fill our a profile online and your personal associate will vote based on your particular prejudices. Your iJury associate will attend the trial virtually and participate in all deliberations.

You Still Come Out Ahead!
Of the $20, half goes to iJury, 1/4th goes to the international call center and $5 goes to you. Everyone wins! America has always been strengthened by those from other countries, why should we limit that opportunity only to immigrants? Shouldn't citizens of other countries have an opportunity to participate as well? Act now and get in on the next web 2.0 bonanza.

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