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Eon Reality: Visualized Learning: Technology,Convergence, and Learning

Emerging and Future Educational Technology
Sunday, November 11, 2007

Visualized Learning: Technology,Convergence, and Learning
Innovations in visualized learning have fueled a convergence of technological advancement,acceptance, and advanced learning, and can be effectively connected to online, real-time assessment and other learning modalities using 3D digital objects and other visual assets. Session participants interact with these immersive technologies and become aware of the potential impact of this convergence.

Software package...

Jamie Justice, Director, Visualized Learning and
Innovation, Kentucky Community and Technical
College System, KY


Innovation and environment
How do we appeal to all types of learners no matter what their age or learning style. He spoke of digital natives, immigrants, and millenials and then coined the term "centurians" for those who are in multiple centuries (???) Anyway...

Telepresence and tele-environments

Technology is creating new kinds of learning environments.
Visual environments that are totally immersive like SIQuant, a virtual model of 10 actual Portugese villages.

Visualized learning = shortened learning cycles and immersive education.
"Eon Digital Consortia"

"Interactive Digital Center"

Eon Reality software is being used at KCTCS to enhance workforce education.

Teaching and Learning methodology: meeting student needs.

innovative instruction <-- instructional factors --> assessment
\ /
\--------------> curriculum <-----------------/
workforce training

The software creates 3-d models to help learners "see" and experience the object being worked on. Example: a manufacturing plant uses 80 robots to create a product. It would cost too much to create training facilities that would train all of the workers. This software can do a lot of that work.

He had a slide that quoted Neil Fleming
--a collection of data is not information
--a collection of information is not knowledge
--a collection of knowledge is not wisdom
--a collection of wisdom is not truth

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