Sunday, November 11, 2007

Virtual Classes in Virtual Worlds CIT2007

Conference Notes – The League for Innovation CIT 2007

Sunday, Nov. 11

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Virtual Classes in Virtual Worlds
Cathy House, Professor, Trukee Meadows Community College, NV
Travis Souza, Coordinator, e-learning, Trukee Meadows Community College, NV

They are using Moodle and Second Life. They are using SL in online courses. A real estate course and an art course use SL.

They gave a basic, step-by-step demonstration on how to set up an account. The description should have given more of an idea that this was going to be a basic beginners’ demonstration. They should have taken some kind of poll to figure out if anyone is using SL or not.

The hand-out gives me some ideas for creating our own tutorials.

Some pros and cons of SL will be discussed.

They showed ICT teaching materials

Methods for teaching:
1. Using webpages as objects of a wall
2. Static presentation
3. Watching videos
4. Infocards
5. Navigation maps (teleports)
6. PowerPoint and interactive white boards
7. RSS feeds
8. Movies
9. LMS
a. Angel
b. Moodle (sloodle)

They then went into “Who’s using SL?”
• Harvard
• University of Florida
o Digital communication
• Suny
• Ohio University

There was someone here who is using Active Worlds and online games.

They then took us to the usual places Harvard and NOAA.

They went to

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