Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Promoting an Open Culture with Open Access Week

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Open Access Week is upon us and this is a very important part of the OER equation. Quality OER is going to have to start with quality open research. There are so many concerns outside of the OER community that Open Access Week can address:
  • Where is the research going to come from for OERs and open text books?
  • How do we determine if OER and open research are "credible"?
  • How do we address publication and tenure issues with OER?
What is Open Access Week? "Open Access Week, a global event now entering its sixth year, is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research."

Open Access in research can ensure the widest dissemination and  use of that research. I would like to see institutions supporting research in such a way that closed options (commercial journals) are less attractive. OERs become "credible" and "reputable" when the materials used to create them come from respected open journals. The default for research should always be open. Our support will make them reputable!

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