Friday, July 26, 2013

OER: Possible Resources for Biology - Human Anatomy & Physiology

human anatomy
human anatomy (Photo credit: Shira Golding)
These are some possible resources for developing our own textbook and course for anatomy and physiology. I will use this wiki this summer to sort through some biology textbooks and OERs for possible use in BIOL 102 Human Biology. Remember that since these are openly licensed we can mix these materials anyway we want to meet your course goals and objectives. I will also be looking at possible lab kits and other solutions.

Open Textbooks
  • OpenStax - OpenStax textbooks are freely available in .pdf and they also have a low-cost, print-on-demand option.
  • WikiBooks
  • Boundless
  • Open Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon University) Their textbook is in their class. You can access it as a guest by clicking on the blue "Enter Course" button
Open Education Resources (OER)
Open Courses
  • Saylor Foundation
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