Friday, July 12, 2013

Mobytes Instructional Design App

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One of our technologically ever-vigilant instructional designers here at Humboldt State (Kim Vincent-Layton) shared an interesting Android app with us the other day - Mobytes Instructional Design App. The app is a handy collection of articles and templates on instructional design. What is a "mobyte"? A mobyte is a "just-in-time chunk of learning designed for just-enough knowledge to learn or apply while performing a task. It can be used for learning from scratch, refreshing and updating knowledge while on the move." I like this app because it covers, at a basic level, the current understanding and definition of instructional design that any student of education would find in a instructional design class. I would like to share this app with administrators and teachers to help promote a deeper understanding of instructional design and its possibilities. The author, Madhuri Dubey, has distilled five topics into the app:
  • Instructional Design (ID) basics 
  • Evolution and application 
  • Learning theory and styles 
  • Instructional theory 
  • Getting started with ID 
This reference would be useful for instructional design teams to all get on the same page as well as for instructors who would find it useful for a better understanding how teaching and learning work. It covers Gagne, ADDIE, Clark, Merrill, Bloom's and the usual suspects.

If you are not an Android phone person, much of the information here is available on Madhuri Dubey's blog.
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  1. Thanks for this blog. I'd be happy if my app is being used by the students at the Humboldt state university. Your feedback and comments will help me learn further and improve the app. Thanks again. Madhuri Dubey

  2. I've been reading great things about this app. I hope it's coming to iOS soon.