Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CTE Conference: Are you ready for distance education?

The Distance Education Dept. at College of the Redwoods presented at the Career & Technical Education Conference hosted by CR. We love this conference because it is our chance to meet folks from the high schools, local businesses, and other colleges as well as the friendly faces of our college faculty. Our presentation was called "Are You Ready for Distance Learning?" This question has taken on different meanings for DE departments over the years. It can mean "Are you ready as a student?" or "Are we ready as a college?" or "Are we ready as a community?" Our presentation was meant to cover all three questions. We knew we were going to have a wider variety of people come in from the local community, so we wanted to put up a non-linear presentation that we could adjust to the needs of the participants rather than a forced march through a pre-fab lecture. We also wanted to use tools that would inspire the participants to think of education as a collaborative endeavor rather than a way to fill up empty minds with more stuff. I hope that this presentation serves as a starting point for a broader conversation about education and using technology to facilitate learning and community. We would like anyone who is interested, to go in to the presentation and feel free to add links, comments, suggestions and ideas.

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