Friday, March 19, 2010

Open Source University

Here is the other side of the napkin on what I mean by "Open Source University." Please add (or detract) to this in the comments. I might move this to a wiki as I get rolling:

There are no professors - there are advisers, facilitators, peer tutors, and mentors who all participate in networks.

Facilitators participate because they too benefit from the network itself.

There is a rubric for milestones in your field.

There is a connectivist rubric that evaluates your network.

You are not judged on how much information you took in and regurgitated at the end of the semester but on the integrity, quality, diversity, and utility of your networks over the course of your studies.

You are assessed on your ability to share, illuminate, and participate.

Each semester, your goal is to contribute to the "textbook" in some way - to make films, interview others.

You cannot get this degree by sitting in your chair and listening to someone speak.

You assessed via a portfolio of
  • Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
You are not evaluated on the questions you answer but on the questions you ask.

Diversity in your network means that you have to have a few people in your network who think you are wrong or crazy and that you think are wrong or crazy.

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