Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In with the new...

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I don't think anyone, Republican or Democrat can be happy with the education system and the costs associated with it. I loved hearing Obama say "...what’s gotten overlooked amid all the hoopla, all the drama of last week, is what happened in education -- when a great battle pitting the interests of the banks and financial institutions against the interests of students finally came to an end." There are so many things that are in the way of education right now - student loans, the costs of textbooks, high unemployment, and the banking crisis - things that should not effect education as much as they do. We have an opportunity now to dismantle the old infrastructure that has long stood as a barrier to education for so many. If we are going to send manufacturing jobs over-seas, we owe it to the citizens to provide for an education. We are removing the barriers to health care and the same can happen for education. Why aren't Canadians or people from Scandinavia breaking down the doors to live in this country illegally? The strange thing is that I could take some classes from a Danish university online because they do not charge tuition for their classes. After we win the fight for health care in this country, I hope we continue on with the fight for education.

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