Monday, May 04, 2009

Concept Maps: from pencil to virtual world

Here is a presentation I am giving in Wanatchee, WA on concept maps and problem solving using visual methods. I appreciate any feedback and suggestions:


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  2. This list of Concept Mapping / Mind Mapping URLs has some relevance ... I hope ;-)

  3. UMmmmm ... just realised that your presentation is just as much about "Visual Literacy" and "Data Visualisation"

    (OK .. I admit ... I didn't look all the way through before I posted the previous comment ... I must slow down)

    anyway ....

    There is an area on Visual Literacy on Shambles at

    Also on International Schools Island (isi) in Second Life I have an area dedicated to Data Visualisation in S.L.
    This has links (LMs) to relevant places in SL and it also has a number of free tools that you can take.

    To get there ... go to isi
    SLURL will land next to the "Technology Tower" ... you'll find the Data Visualisation display in the lobby area at the back.

    Hope helpful

    Shamblesguru Voom (in SL)

  4. There are three postings about Data Visualisation in Second Life on my Blog at

    http://internationalschoolsisland.infoIf you'd like to use any of the images in your presentation then feel free to just such them off the pages.