Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Biology eAcademy: Using TurnItIn

The CSU has a license for TurnItIn

This has become so much more than just plagiarism software. It allows instructors to do extensive mark-up and commenting on papers. It has a powerful rubric tool, it allows instructors to insert audio comments, and it will save your text comments - comments that you commonly use to help save instructors time. It is integrated with many LMSs including Moodle.

It allows for paper assignments, peer reviewed assignments, revision, and reflection assignments.

It will scan papers for plagiarism and give the student a report. It will also scan papers from grammar.  The grammar checker is available from the site but not through the LMS because the grammar checker is in beta.

The presenting instructor says that this tool saves her a significant amount of time in grading papers.

One instructor recounted a time when TurnItIn did not catch something really obvious. We discussed the importance of the instructor being engaged in the process vs. just relying on software.

"It saves trees!"
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