Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nine Essential MOOC Links

English: George Siemens at TEDxNYED.
George Siemens at TEDxNYED. (Wikipedia)
A few of us from today's NGLC presentation "MOOCs: open online courses as levers for change in higher education" by George Siemens on MOOCs were passing around a few URLs, and I thought it would be handy to have some of them in one place. This is not meant to be exhaustive but please drop us a note in the comments if you have a link to add.
  • Massive List of MOOC Resources, Lit, and Literati
    This is a great hub of research for MOOCs. Lets get this into a wiki! If you review these links, you still get the impression that MOOCs are completely undefined because it includes discussions of Khan Academy which I would argue does not belong on a page about MOOCs. This page is useful because it speaks to the fact that MOOCs are still in a defining process. 
  • Stephen Downe's MOOC.ca page.
    This has links to relevant articles, resources and a call for curators of MOOC lore.
  • David Cormier's Description of MOOCs 
    An enthusiastic vision of MOOCs. I like this simple "Common Craft" definition of MOOCs. 
  • The MoocGuide Wiki. Stephen Downes' also has a Google Docs version of this.
    This is a useful gude on how to roll your own MOOC. There are 42 members to this wiki so it has a good chance of being a living document.
  • Join a MOOC.
    This site has a listing for MOOCs - something I think we really need. 
  • Alt-Ed
    This site is "is devoted to documenting significant initiatives relating to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), digital badges, and similar alternative educational projects."
  • Howard Rheingold's Interview with George Siemen's on MOOCs
    This is a good introduction to MOOCs
  • Inge DeWardes' 3 part article on setting up a MOOC
    I am interested in MOOCs from the instructional design perspective. I think that there are ways to set MOOCs up so that even the so-called "unmotivated" student or students with little experience with online learning can be successful. That will be part of another post!
The 9th resource is the talk that George gave today. Feel free to comment and add to this - if we get more responses, we will move the conversation to the wiki.

Okay here is a bonus 10th:

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