Thursday, January 05, 2012

OER Books & Journals: Don't forget Europe!

English: Open Access logo and textImage via WikipediaI came across a great site in my morning reading: OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) which "is a collaborative initiative to develop and implement a sustainable Open Access publication model for academic books in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The OAPEN Library aims to improve the visibility and usability of high quality academic research by aggregating peer reviewed Open Access publications from across Europe." I was there this morning looking at a great article on new translations Dante. That is the occupational hazard here - I find far too many interesting things to read! A lot of this material is in English. I am particularly impressed with their focus on community which I feel is the most important aspect of open education resources and open textbooks, the community behind them. Also, the quality of the work is excellent.
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  1. I am very glad you like it! We are working very hard to make the OAPEN Library a success.

    Of course, if you have suggestions for improvement let us know.