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I am the Director of Academic Technology for the College of eLearning and Extended Education at Humboldt State University, but I have worn many hats; an instructional designer, a sometimes English teacher, and education consultant. I have developed courses for face-to-face delivery, hybrid, and full online. I have even developed instructional materials in virtual worlds such as Second Life. I have worked in writing labs, classrooms, and cyberspace. I see all of this varied work as integrally interconnected. The work place that current students will face will be just as varied as my work. We have an opportunity here to help prepare students for the world that they will actually face; a world that is changing at an increasingly faster pace. We can’t educate them for the technology; it will always be changing too fast for our current education system. But we can teach the critical thinking skills required to sort through the virtual white noise of information they are faced with every day.

I am GeoffCain on Twitter.

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