Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters

Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters: "How to Podcast

'The definitive step-by-step guide on how to podcast
(including getting started, marketing, improving audio quality,
making money, and more).

This is the home of the free podcast tutorial that will take
your podcast from concept to launch fast and for minimal cost.'"

OSx86 Project - Home

OSx86 Project - Home: "So, in my eternal quest for free stuff, I ran across this 'hack' for OS X and immediately fell in love. You can now use (very Web 2.0) just like you use .mac… except gives you a gig of space for free and more space if you invite friends to sign up (with a link like the one I just used... it's also neat because they are listed as 'friends' in your account). All you have to do is sign up, set up a DAV on your Mac, give it your login name (for the secure connection) and you're ready to go. UneasySilence has some screenshots."